Progress, Progress, Progress 

Same Chicken,
9,000 Less Steps

California chicken chain using Lean Principles to beat state-mandated 25% wage increase.

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The magical, shape-shifter plant protein molecule that could transform food as we know it.
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New Edible Coffee Cup Works Fine, Tastes Good.
 685 million plastic-lined cups are tossed every day. This holds hot coffee 40 minutes. Sold and eaten now in Australia.
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Want A Humdinger of a Sermon for These Times?
A brilliant pastor offers how believers in every Higher Power can make a daily difference in our divided world.
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Ironic Breakthrough
in Teaching Kids to Read
 Across the country, more kids are reading better thanks to the rediscovery of some old principles.
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A "Miraculous" Revival
for the Great Salt Lake
The lake, like much of nature was dying. Now it is revived. On Easter, no less. You can't make this stuff up.
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We Are The Thousand Synchronized Amateur Musicians
Watch the trailer for the film about this iconic example of a  Shared Extraordinary Achievement.
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